As required by its members, the Chamber may exercise their commercial or legal representation in the country that requires it.


We have a group of professionals and specialists in various fields with knowledge of trade, production of goods and services, infrastructure, energy, law, economics and finance that are available to the members to provide necessary information, market research and development consultancy projects.

Advisory Services to Private and Public Entities

Provide advice in administrative procedures and acts related to the objectives of the partners in foreign trade and services in general.


Collaborate on meeting the needs of our partners for negotiation, mediation and marketing with Peruvian and European companies.

Human Resources

Provide advice on management and job planning, recruitment policy to follow under the applicable legal framework, organization and management of businesses and services, recruitment and selection of staff.

Foreign Trade and Development of Information

In this context, we offer the service of development of information for import and export of goods and services with the aim of:

In Exports:

  • Reduce time and effort associated with frequent changes in regulations.
  • Review of export procedures and documents required for customs.
  • Review and verification of compliance with requirements to international trade regulators.
  • Update on new security initiatives, free trade agreements and changes in product classification.

In Imports:

  • Avoid unnecessary cost and delay in customs.
  • Simplify the process of classification of goods.
  • Definition of the costs of land, sea and air transport.
  • Avoid excessive taxes and customs duties.
  • Update on new security initiatives, free trade agreement and changes in product classification.

Contracts and Tenders

Legal advice and guidance to members who wish to participate in tenders and public competitions either in Peru or any of the member countries of the European Union.

Counseling among others includes:

  • Review and preparation of proposals.
  • Review of bases.
  • Acquittal of consultations.
  • Counseling in conciliation and arbitration.
  • Representation of companies.

Legal Advisory Services

Advice on the constitution of companies, branches and subsidiaries, either in Peru or in any member country of the European Union, preparation and drafting of contracts, civil or commercial agreements, reporting and acquittal of consultations in tax, administrative law, mining, environmental, fisheries, agriculture, water, and infrastructure concessions.

Competition and Intellectual Property

The Chamber provides assistance to its members before the authorities of Peru and the European Union for registration of trademarks and patents, elimination of bureaucratic barriers and defense of free competition.




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